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The Subversive Scholarship


The Subversive Scholarship has two components:


FIRST: One $500.00 scholarship, designed with black women in mind. Much thought went into the timing and delivery of the monetary award. Funds will be directly gifted to the recipient in cash to subvert the rigamarole of tedious financial aid processes that might prevent poor students from receiving meritorious awards. Unlike other scholarships, this award is to be granted early in the summer to ease the transition into the next academic step. All too often, students are expected to have the resources required to relocate for school; we recognize that may not be the case for all students.

SECOND: All too often black women are placed in leadership positions and left vulnerable to heteropatriarchal systems. We intend to assist black, femme scholars access the critical theories and methodologies required to strategically voice one’s needs while protecting oneself in the face of power. With the guidance of expert critical theorist Seungmi Cho,  we have designed a curriculum that includes these survival tactics, as well as an introduction to postcolonialism, black feminism, and critical theories and methods. One or more applicants may be selected for one-on-one mentorship with Doctoral-level Social Work Student, aimed at assisting black, female social workers in engaging with the hidden social curriculum required to advocate for themselves and their communities.  

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