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Sakara Wages

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  Primary research areas:

  • Black Women, Children, and Family Welfare

  • Social Work Education 

  • Critical Theory & Methodologies

Current Projects

(Working Titles)

  1. Boyd, R., Wages, S., Slack, K., Strategies for Assessing Family Strengths in Efforts to Predict Future CPS Involvement: A Focus on the Strengths of Black Families

  2. Wages, S., Slack, K., Berger, L., "What do you like about being a parent?” A Qualitative Analysis of CPS Deflected Families

  3. Lee, H. Berger, L., Slack, K., Wages, S. “Chronic Neglect”: A Distinct Form of Neglect or Differences in Family Surveillance?

  4. Berger, L., Slack, K., Lee, H., Wages, S. Child Maltreatment and Parental Well-Being Outcomes in an Experimental Economic Support Intervention 


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