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Sakara Wages

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Founded by Sakara Wages, Subversive Social Work is a movement that aims to improve the lived experiences of black women, social work students, and researchers and to leverage those experiences to influence institutional change.

This organization was founded based on my experiences at Predominately White Institutions. During my graduate training, I yearned for theories to help me articulate issues that I endured.  During this training, I was introduced to the Critical Theories that helped me identify colonialism, name the ways in which Social Work Education supports those in power, and work towards ameliorating the often unintentionally harmful impact.  


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  Primary interest areas:

  • Black Women, Children, and Family Welfare

  • Social Work Education 

  • Critical Theory & Methodologies

  • Institutional Practice

Current Projects

(Working Titles)

  1. Boyd, R., Wages, S., Slack, K., Strategies for Assessing Family Strengths in Efforts to Predict Future CPS Involvement: A Focus on the Strengths of Black Families

  2. Wages, S., Slack, K., Berger, L., "What do you like about being a parent?” A Qualitative Analysis of CPS Deflected Families

  3. Lee, H. Berger, L., Slack, K., Wages, S. “Chronic Neglect”: A Distinct Form of Neglect or Differences in Family Surveillance?

  4. Berger, L., Slack, K., Lee, H., Wages, S. Child Maltreatment and Parental Well-Being Outcomes in an Experimental Economic Support Intervention 


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