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#AbolishSocialWork-Its not about hate

This blog has emerged in response to requests for more information around #AbolishSocialWork. My original post stated "#AbolishSocialWork and return it to the people." This is a call to social workers who work within the american carceral prison systems, to dismantle the systems that create the rules that criminalize black people.

Social workers should be focused on creating the conditions under which families thrive, but they do not. Othermothers and matriarchs all over the world do the work.

When black children are in distress,extended families, aunties, sisters, emerge, willing to shoulder the burden with love. Refusing to involve white systems. They shoulder the burden for the sake of group survival. They know that the standards, created to judge them, will always find them wanting. In actuality, if given resources, we thrive because we know whats best for us. When given the opportunity, we create amazing solutions.

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