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    What is Subversive Social Work? To be subversive is to undermine the power and authority of an established system or institution. Social Work is a profession that aims to ameliorate harm to people. Taken together, Subversive Social Work practices are those that undermine oppressive systems and institutions for the sole purpose of ameliorating harm to people.

    Here, at Subversive Social Work, we work at all levels to eradicate the effects of oppressive and dominant norms, values, conditions, and rules. We work with students, staff, faculty, and boards to elucidate those norms that bar minoritized individuals from equitable access. We use an Anti-Oppressive approach to identify power and help your populations get their needs met in spite of. 


    We offer Anti-Oppressive Organizational Development DEI Consultations, Evaluations, Data-Driven Program Design, Community Services, and Training to groups and individual training.

    Perfect for schools, social services, and social entrepreneurs.

    Tools for Researchers

    Throughout my graduate career, I have learned that social work education for researchers fails to adequately educate Black Women for antiracist decolonized research. There was a secret language being spoken (Academese) and this world was devoid of emotion. The citations located in this section helped me find my place, maybe they'll help you. Stay tuned for article summaries.


    Social Work has problems that cannot be solved. First, the field has a racist history of subjugating Black people. In the modern sense, social work serves as a social police force that incessantly snd nefariously shapes the lives of Black Women and Children. The field is also a major contributor to the Prison, Nonprofit, and Medical Industrial Complexes. Because of rotten roots, social control, and state collusion, we must abolish Social Work as a profession and return it to the people. 

    Tools for Students

    If you are a student of Sakara, then you  are in the right place. In this section, you will find all that you need to be succesful this semester. This includes: a) my schedule and an appointment link, b) information about writing expectations, and c) tools for taking notes and exams. Please use what benefits you. 

    Making the world a better place together. Eradicate oppressive norms, rules, and values. 

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